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A few numbers

In the world
people are over 60
in 2020
0 million

By 2050, studies show that this number will be multiplied by 3. 

Exponential increase in dependent people and the risk of isolation: 30% of this population is dependent and is at risk of isolation.

In France
people over 60
are isolated
0 million

1/3 of people aged 75 and over are in a situation of social isolation

Half of those suffer from functional limitations that interfere in the day-to-day life

people in France (100 million in Europe)
0 million

1 in 6 French people is a caregiver – OCIRP 2017, i.e. 11 million people. 

By 2030, 1 in 4 French people will be affected.

In Europe, those numbers are pretty much the same

Whether he/she is a declared, informal (undeclared) or affective (concerned, but unable to intervene) Caregiver, his/her concerns remain. The mental burden on a carer’s shoulders is real and proven.

The support provided can represent more than 20 hours per week in a time when combining professional life, personal life and caregiving is becoming increasingly difficult.

Non-resolution becomes a heady, or even an obsessive thought to which is added a feeling of helplessness.

The treatment is well known: act. And AMI® is there to offer a solution.

To prevent the Carers exhaustion:

AMI® helps the Caregiver daily, relieves his mental load and accompanies him in the management of his/her Caree.

In addition, the Carer extends his/her presence by a message or to call with “Hi there” function as proposed by AMI® is essential for a caree.

AMI® also allows the removal of doubt thanks to the “HI THERE” function (automatic answering videocall).

To prevent isolated Carees: 

AMI® helps the Carees in their daily life by limiting cognitive slippage and restoring their autonomy.

Indeed, AMI® allows the Caree to rediscover pleasure in everyday gestures, social activities and family ties: our solution strengthens the ties between the Caregiver and the Carereceiver.

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