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A few numbers

people in France (100 million in Europe)
0 million

1 in 6 French people is a caregiver – OCIRP 2017, i.e. 11 million people.

By 2030, 1 in 4 French people will be affected.

In Europe, those numbers are pretty much the same 

If legislation has already been put in place for the “employee caregiver” (law of May 22, 2019), it remains insufficient. Indeed, one of the main problems for carers remains the lack of information: the employee himself is often unaware that he is a carer.

The Caregiver can be a declared, informal (undeclared) or emotional (concerned, but unable to intervene). However, even if the employee is undeclared or emotional, his concerns remain: the mental burden that weighs on his shoulders is real and proven.

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Many associations and start-ups have taken up the subject.

To date, no solution allows the employee, whether declared Caregiver or “emotionally involved”, to benefit from a solution that preserves their professional involvement.

As you know, every employee concerned about a vulnerable loved one is a victim of obsessive thoughts: a preoccupied employee loses professional focus and efficiency.

This preoccupation very often becomes a heady, obsessive thought (the brain can only process one thought at a time). This obsessive thought automatically induces a dropout of his professional concentration, even an inability to fulfill his mission.

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As a result, dispelling these obsessive thoughts allows a reduction in the mental load and a gain in concentration and efficiency.
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The treatment is well known: take action and AMI® is there to offer a solution.

For a Caregiver, being able to extend their presence with a “Hello” message or call as offered by our AMI® solution (link to discover AMI®) is important, even essential.

Making our solution available to your employees will allow you to act on the Quality of Life and Working Conditions of your employees.

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